Choosing a ring

How to choose an engagement ring?

We offer an array of hundreds of styles to browse through. Your personal Langlois Bijouterie diamond expert will be happy to help you find the ring that will fit your unique taste in your price range.
Here are a few questions to consider before making your choice:

  • Can the ring be worn comfortably on an everyday basis?
  • Do you work with your hands where the ring might catch on something?
  • Do you prefer understated jewelry or more vibrant pieces?
  • Will the ring complement your other jewelry?
  • Will you be moving the engagement ring to the right hand after the wedding, or do you prefer to combine both rings by fusing them together?

Keep these questions in mind as you begin your exploration of our online store, or stop by to visit us at the store.  
You’ve fallen in love with a ring you saw in a magazine, or you have a certain style in mind. We can help you to create the custom-designed ring of your dreams. Visit our Custom Jewelry section.
Planning on surprising your beloved with an engagement ring?
You’ve undoubtedly envisioned the love of your life discovering your surprise and being speechless with joy at seeing it.
To ensure a picture-perfect surprise, take a bit of time to reflect:

  • What type of person is your sweetheart? Extravagant or discreet?
  • Does she enjoy surprises?
  • Are you hoping to stun her with an imposing solitaire? Consider her workplace and her personal style because the ring must complement not only her other jewelry but the wedding band as well.
  • The engagement ring can sometimes be worn on the right hand after the nuptials. However, if your loved one already wears one or more rings on that hand, perhaps combining the engagement ring and the wedding band might be a better choice.
  • Are you able to consult with her friends regarding her tastes?
  • Do you have access to one of her other rings to find out her ring size?
  • Does she have other jewelry you could peruse to serve as your guide regarding style and color?

If you have any doubts at all, why not simply invite her along for an unexpected visit to Langlois Bijouterie?
Whether in person or on the website, you’ll still be able to take her breath away with these simple words:

“Sweetie, I need your help choosing something…”
You may preselect based on your budget, either with the help of a diamond expert at the store or at our online boutique.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help making the right choice!


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