Dare a custom jewelry

You wish to delight your loved one with a unique piece of jewelry?

You’ve never found what you were searching for?

What you’ve found is exorbitantly priced?

Create your own custom-made piece and transform your dream into a reality!

Bijouterie Langlois’ diamond experts can easily design a customized ring for you, using technical precision and sophisticated craftsmanship. Bring us a drawing or a photo, or merely tell us what you have in mind and our experts will help you craft a showpiece custom-made jewel. Nothing is impossible! You can transform a prohibitively-priced design into affordable perfection by artful replacement of either materials or stones. Contact us for more information, or begin by using our online form!

1 The presentation of your jewel idea

Upload your picture directly onto our site, stop by the store or contact us by email or phone.

​You’ll need to provide us with:

- a picture (photo or drawing);

- a brief description of the piece of jewelry you’re looking for;

- your ideal budget.

- You should go through some magazines and websites to find pictures of bracelets, necklaces or rings similar to the ones you’d like reproduced.

2 Get a detailed quote

We will contact you to discuss the design and materials to be used. We may also suggest some exclusive variations if we feel these would best suit your needs.

We will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive estimate for the creation of your customized jewel, courtesy of Bijouterie Langlois.

3 View your custom jewel

Before proceeding with the fabrication of your customized piece, we will provide you with a detailed image of the jewel conceived.

Your design will be transformed into very realistic pictures. You’ll still be able to request modifications at this point, free of charge.

4 Moulding and Fabrication

The final step is moulding and fabricating your custom-made item. Our experts will produce your unique creation with remarkable precision, using CAO/FAO production technology.

And voilà! You are holding in your hands a custom-made jewel created solely for you!

Talk to us today so we can begin conceptualizing your future heirloom.

Customized corporate gifts


Bijouterie Langlois proposes custom-made corporate gifts to highlight your important events.

  • -Acknowledge your best customers
  • -Mark an employee’s retirement
  • -Recognize an employee for years of service

We offer a wide choice of rings, boutonnières, watches, divot tools and medals.

We can integrate your logo and design quality objects that tastefully represent your company.

Contact us to talk about your requirements

Start creating your own jewel

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