Jewelry Repair Service in Quebec City

Paul.A Langlois the Canadian jeweler

Creator of happiness since 1953


Langlois The Canadian Jeweler

Creator of happiness since 1953

Bijouterie Langlois is happy to offer you its jewelery repair service in Quebec City.

Our expertise in the field of Jewelry for 65 years now allows us to repair all types of jewelry in gold, platinum and silver.

Our jewelery experts will give new life to your jewel.


We carry out with the greatest care:


  • -Welds
  • -Ring size service
  • -Prong
  • -Chatons
  • -Engraving service
  • -Addition and transformation
  • -Serre doigt permanent
  • -Change of clasp
  • -Rivets
  • -Shorten or lengthen chains-necklaces-bracelets
  • -Beading necklace or fantasy
  • -Cleaning your engagement rings and wedding rings



Watch Repair Service


  • -Glass change on watch
  • -Battery change
  • -Motion reconditioning
  • -Movement change
  • -Leather or metal change on watch /li>
  • -Watch bracelet repair



Transformation of your old jewels

Do you find your jewelry too old? Too damaged to be repaired? Or gone out of fashion?

We can reinvent your family jewels with our music creation service

An expert jeweler since 1953 for the repair of your damaged treasures.

Do you want to have jewelry repaired? We determine the incontestable information concerning them

Its manufacturing composition: white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver

The number of carats composing your jewel

The type of stones composing it

Kind of links and type of clasp for a chain or curb chain.

Verification of the authenticity of diamonds and gems:

  • Prise des mesures
  • Observation of the characteristics of the stone (s): these checks are carried out using a magnifying glass and an electronic device.
  • We check the presence of inclusions or any types of defects inherent to its quality and its value.

For jewelery with a setting:

We check the condition of the prong

For jewelry that requires soldering:


  • We guarantee all our welds!
  • The jewel must be cleaned with ultrasound and steam and also repolished so that the weld is invisible to the naked eye.
  • The beauty of your jewel will stand out as in its early days!


For changing the size of a ring ring:

We must take the measure of your hand when it is at room temperature. It should not be forgotten that in winter the hands are cold, and in summer it happens that the fingers swell. Do not worry about that we are used to it!

Our workshop deadlines and rates:

Obviously our delays depend on the type of repair to be performed and its complexity of implementation. Our rates will be given to you before each repair, we give you all the information and wait for your agreement to carry out the necessary. We give you a coupon with information about the repair


Trust a recognized jeweler's expert in Quebec City!

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