We buy your Gold and Platinum in Quebec

Mint your broken or old-fashioned jewelry to better invest

Jewelry Langlois buys your 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k gold and platinum directly in the shop.

Just follow the following steps:

- See you in jewelery at 909 boul. Pierre-Bertrand sud, suite 210 Québec

- The expertise of your jewel on the spot is fast

- Present a piece of identification such as your driver's license or health insurance card

- We give you a check in the amount


Sell your gold: Negotiation

Gold buyers trade gold, taking into account the gold content and weight of the jewelry. It is never a question of considering the appearance of the jewel in itself, because remember that even if the jewel is pretty or in good condition, it is intended to be remelted. So the quantity and quality are the only criteria taken into account.

We use various techniques to determine the quality of your gold. You can do a preliminary examination of your jewelry for sale by looking for the golden punch that each jewel of value must have and thus separate them into lots that we will check in our turn. In addition, we use chemical and electronic tests to confirm the gold content that proves to be infallible.


Sell gold: What items can I sell?

We redeem all of what is in gold. That is to say, jewelry above all, but also objects or coins. Most of the time, we buy old broken and worn out chains, ring mounts, gold watches and earrings. Gather the jewels you want to get rid of and ask for a free estimate of the value of what's sleeping in your jewelry box!

Attention :
    • You must be of age and owner to sell gold
    • If the jewel you wish to sell contains precious stones, we will give them back to you after the dessert
    • This transaction is final. However, you have a right of withdrawal of 48hrs.