Canadian Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

When we hear the word «diamond» we commonly relate it to love, engagement and investment. Whether it’s for personal knowledge or you are thinking about offering a piece of jewelry with diamonds, there are few topics that are important to be aware of.

Mainly found in the kimberlite pipes, diamonds were created billions of years ago in the Earth’s mantle. There are over 2000 kimberlite pipes worldwide but only dozens are worth for the diamonds extraction.

In terms of the diamond’s grading, there are four main criteria that we use. We have the diamond’s weight, cut, color and clarity. Each of them has its own scale and is graded by diamonds’ experts. From this evaluation, we establish the price point of the diamond by its rarity. In contrast to other jewelers, at the Langlois Jewelry we value an additional aspect than the diamond’s rareness: the ethical sourcing. At our store, all of our Canadian diamonds are responsibly mined and it is crucial for us to raise awareness.

We name a Canadian diamond by where the diamond is MINED: In Canada. More precisely, discovered in the 1990’s, most of the Canadian diamonds are sourced in the Ekati and Diavik mines which are located in the NorthWest Territory.

Around the globe, the diamond’s extraction can also suggest a poor respect of human rights and sustainability. There for all Canadian diamonds at our store are part of the Kimberly Process. We value responsible mining in regards of the diamond extraction and its impact on the surroundings of the mine. What does that mean? Any of these mines have to respect and follow strict regulations established by the federal government and the aborigines. These laws cover the mines’ sustainability by protecting the environment and the communities

But how can you identify a Canadian diamond? Following the Kimberly Process, each diamond is uniquely laser engraved on the crown with serial number. Of course, this engraving is only possible to be observed with a microscope or a loupe by a trained eye. It will be a pleasure to help you find it, but even within our employees, only a few are qualified to notice it. Once the purchase completed, we will provide you a certificate where you will have this same serial number written, attesting the authenticity of your Canadian diamond.

To encourage our beautiful Canadian natural resources, all of our Canadian diamonds are rated and priced equally to our worldwide diamonds. Why so? As a local company, we are proud and we value our role in the jewelry industry. Being an authority in Quebec City comes with responsibilities and we are more than blessed to inform our customers about the Canadian diamonds’ beauty.

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  1. Pendentif diamant canadien Chumani moitié de coeur en or blanc 14K et détail en or rose -10%
    10K white gold heart shaped Chumani Canadian diamond pendant and rose gold detail
    Now Only US$ 229.00 Regular Price US$ 254.00
    Total diamond weight .01ct

  2. FIG1374E -10%
    Canadian Diamond Earring Kisos Solitaire Studs .16ct T.W. in 14k White Gold
    Now Only US$ 346.00 Regular Price US$ 385.00
    Total diamond weight .16ct

  3. FIG2231E -10%
  4. ICJ2878 -10%
    Meika Canadian Diamond Bow Design Ring in 10k White and Rose Gold For Women
    Now Only US$ 349.00 Regular Price US$ 388.00
    Total diamond weight .04ct

  5. FIJ2001 -10%
    Doli Canadian Diamond Solitaire Ring .08ct in 10k Yellow Gold For Women
    Now Only US$ 362.00 Regular Price US$ 402.00
    Total diamond weight .08ct

  6. Fedora Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14k Yellow Gold for Women -10%
    Kashina Three-Stone Canadian Diamond Ring in 10k White and Rose Gold For Women
    Now Only US$ 301.00 Regular Price US$ 334.00
    Total diamond weight .047ct

  7. Straight bypass Canadian diamond princess-cut diamond ring for ladies -10%
    10K White Gold Canadian Princess-Cut Diamond Bypass Solitaire Ring For Women
    Now Only US$ 238.00 Regular Price US$ 265.00
    Total diamond weight .05ct

  8. Bague solitaire diamant CANADIEN moderne -10%
    Doli Canadian Diamond Solitaire Ring .05ct in 10k White Gold For Women
    Now Only US$ 269.00 Regular Price US$ 299.00
    Total diamond weight .05ct

  9. Three branche canadian diamond ring with milgrain for ladies -10%
    Three branche canadian diamond ring with milgrain for ladies
    Now Only US$ 276.00 Regular Price US$ 306.00
    Total diamond weight .06ct

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