How to select a diamond?

If we look at precious stone with their trade importance, diamonds are in first place. It has numerous interesting qualities which make them unique.


Humans are fascinated by diamonds for millennia, especially as a symbol of eternal love and romance. Diamond is a heritage of the Greek word adamas which means «indomitable». Throughout the different eras, the diamond impresses with its unbeatable hardness. Actually, this characteristic brings a sense of everlasting to the diamond which also relates to true love. Inspired, we often hear that “a diamond is forever “and it simply rhymes beautifully for an engagement ring.

Diamonds Classification

Diamonds are analyzed following international color, clarity and cut gradings. Carat weight prices are consigned.

Color and Clarity classifications are established comparing a variety of diamonds following precise Gemological Institute of America (GIA) scales. Carat weight is meticulously measure with an electronic balance.

The quality of a diamond’s cut is equally or more important than the previous three criteria. Cut directly influence the performance of a diamond. In consequence, the cut classification system is an evaluation of the diamonds appearance for a naked eye.

The 4C’s

The value of a diamond is not random; it is based on specific norms internationally named the 4C’s. It means the four criteria established to evaluate the rareness of a polished diamond are: Diamonds Colors, Diamonds Clarity, Diamonds Carat (weight) and diamonds Cut.

Neither of the factors can be excluded when we are analyzing a diamond’s value. All the possible combinations allow the customers to find a perfect diamond in regards of their preferences and budget.

What we recommend for your diamond

Once you have the proper knowledge about the 4C’s, it will be easier for you to decide. Normally, it is recommended to select one of the 4C’s as the most important for you. From there, our experts will be able to give you all the options available.

We usually recommend our customers to minimally select SI2 for its clarity and H for its color for your engagement rings. A jeweler with experience will always be able to make a diamond look at its best. The engagement ring will be created to complement its characteristics and hide if possible its visible irregularities. To confirm you are choosing the right diamond, it is always good to observe it from different lightings.

Even if accent diamonds might be tiny, it is recommend to not trivialize them. They will obviously have an impact on you jewelry piece’s shine. This is why a certified and experienced gemmologist is necessary when you consider proposing with the perfect ring!