Story of platinum

Platinum is a rare metal and is one of the most precious metal on this earth, as it is about 30 times rarer than gold. It is silvery white and has a brilliant white luster and is ideal for reflecting the luster and radiance of diamonds, and hence used extensively in jewellery. It has malleable and ductile properties, which make its use in technology very important.

Platinum is ancient

The platinum story started about three thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. Roughly 800 years later, the Incas also worked platinum into precious jewellery pieces. And around 1580 the Spanish Conquistadores gave this rare metal the name we all us today: ‘platino’ or ‘little silver’.

Platinum is young

The first platinum jewellery appeared in Europe around the year 1870 at the court of Louis XVI of France. And platinum attained current importance with the discovery of diamond’s in Kimberley. Its heyday came at the turn of the century, the age of Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

Platinum is pure

No other precious metal is worked as such consistently high purity levels: 950/1000. And only platinum will never tarnish nor lose its deep color, or find total compatibility with all skin types.

Platinum is durable/h3>

Platinum’s extreme toughness sets a challenge to a master craftsman’s skill and creativity. Platinum holds precious stones immovably secure. Even after many years it not wears away.

Platinum is heavy

Platinum’s specific gravity of 21.45 g/ccm makes it one of the heaviest of precious metals. Twice as heavy as silver and - surprisingly enough- as lead.

Platinum is very rare

Platinum is found in only a few places in the world – mainly in South Africa. And the annual world production amounts to a mere 85 tons, compared with 1500 tons of gold.

Platinum is hard-won

10 tons of ore yield only one ounce of platinum (31.1gr.). A ‘mere’ 3 tons of ore are needed to provide the same amount of gold. The progress of ore to pure platinum takes a full 5 months. Comparatively, gold takes ‘only’ 4-5 weeks. Only after this incubation period of 5 months can skilled hands prove their creativity.

Platinum is supreme

Its subtle beauty enables precious stones to glitter and sparkle, allowing a wealth of combination whilst retaining its substantial personality. Platinum will reflect and highlight youR personality every day on any occasion.

Platinum is precious

Its rarity, painstaking production process, unusual heaviness, durability, strength and masterly craftsman’s finish; all make your platinum jewellery a precious item with ever-fresh beauty and unique appeal.