How to choose your ring size?

In order to avoid any problem related to a wrong ring size. It is important to know exactly how big the ring is. A narrow ring, squeezing your finger too much, may hurt you. For the case of a ring too big, in this case you risk losing your jewel without you noticing it.

We offer the size on all our rings. Some size, however, requires a price adjustment. This can be explained for example by the addition of a diamond on an eternity, or by the amount of gold used for this adjustment.

The methods are the same for women and men to find his fingertip.

3 ways to know your fingertip:

  1. The best way to determine your ring size is of course to use a baguier. It allows you to accurately determine your finger size (Circumference in mm). Visit us in jewels we would be happy to take your measurements and answer your questions.
  2. The possibility of using a non-elastic thread to know his fingertip. Go around your finger with the son. Locate where the wire crosses. Then measure with a ruler. The advantage of this technique and that it can be realized everywhere. The disadvantage despite its simplicity, an error see a lack of precision can be comise. However measurement means offers a very good overview of your fingertip.
  3. We can offer you a plastic baguier on request. The only condition is to pay shipment.

Matching ring sizes by country.

Our website tries to answer these correspondences as well as possible. We specify the diameter as well as its correspondence of ring size according to the country selected during your visit on our website. Remember to select your country. As a Canadian jeweler, we use the North American measure by default. This being just a habit, we can work in all possible size matches.

Here is a summary table of the main correspondence in Ring Measurement:

Ring size correspondence Bijouterie Langlois