How to choose an engagement ring?

How to choose your engagement and wedding rings?

Jewelry Langlois offers thounsand of diamonds rings models. Our advisers can help you identify the ring that will suit your tastes and your budget.

Some questions to ask yourself before making your engagement or wedding rings:

Can you easily wear this ring in your daily life?

Do you do manual labor where your rings might catch on?

Do you want to attract attention or remain discreet?

Will it match your other jewels?

Do you want to wear it right after the wedding, or do you prefer a wedding band combined with an engagement ring?

With these questions in mind, start your research in our online Canadian jewelry store , or come see us in our store.

You fell in love with a ring in a magazine, or you have a model in mind. We also offer the possibility of manufacturing for you the ring of your dreams. Visit our custom jewelry section.

Do you want to surprise your loved one with an beautiful engagement rings?

You surely imagine your lover discovering your surprise and bursting with joy at his sight.

If you want the surprise to be successful, take the time to think:

  • What type of person is she? Flamboyant or discreet.
  • Does she like to be surprised?
  • Do you want to impress him by choosing an impressive solitaire? Also take into account his daily life (his work), and his personal style, because the engagement ring will have to harmonize with his other jewelry and perhaps with his wedding ring.
  • The engagement ring can be worn right after the wedding. On the other hand, if your sweetheart already wears one or more rings on this hand, perhaps an engagement ring combined with an alliance would be a better choice.
  • Can you consult her friends about her tastes?
  • Do you have access to a ring to know the size of his finger?
  • Does she have other jewels that could serve as a guide (style, color, etc.)?
  • Still not sure what type of ring to choose? So opt for a safe bet, choose a perfect diamond rings

If you have any doubts, why not invite him for an unexpected visit to Jewelry Langlois?

In person or on our website, you can surprise her with these few words:

"Honey, I want you to help me choose something…. "

You can make a preselection according to your budget with our advisers or on our online store.


Do not hesitate to contact us our jeweler to make the right choice!