Recycled Metals

Bijouterie Langlois takes recycling, the sustainability of natural resources and environmental concerns very seriously.

Our jewellery is made from recycled gold from a SCS certified refinery (Scientific Global Services) that was rigorously audited to the highest environmental standards. Our gold sourcing choice ensures that we do not create unnecessary waste through meticulous collection and reuse of unwanted metals and materials. The use of strictly recycled metals, as well as the management of this metal in the most responsible way, making it possible to minimize the impact of our production on the environment.  

Eco-friendly and eco-responsible gold

Since 1996, Bijouterie Langlois has been making jewellery by taking into account environmental and social concerns related to the extraction of precious metals by providing refined gold. Unlike the mining sector, where about 20 tonnes of waste is generated to produce one ounce of gold, refining precious metals produces virtually no waste. The impact of mining waste is enormous when we consider that for each gold ring, about 10 tons of mining waste. These have not only an environmental impact but sometimes catastrophic for the populations surrounding the mine and the miners. The extraction of gold requires toxic products such as cyanide and mercury that poison the environment and powerless populations against the minor giants of gold.

Recycled gold, a conscientious choice

We chose to stop contributing to the enormous environmental and social catastrophes caused by the precious metals mining industry by creating our jewelry from recycled metals. As a result, we are helping to limit the global demand for newly mined gold and are discouraging the harmful practices generated by this industry. Gold is a naturally renewable resource that you can be proud to wear without fear because the repeated recycling of this precious metal has no impact on quality!