Gold jewelry

Timeless and timeless, gold jewelry has always been a symbolic gift to show all his love, respect or recognition at any time. Gold is an unalterable and highly customizable precious metal. The best jewelers such as Langlois jewelry will be able to make your unique jewelry. Treat yourself to a 10, 14 or 18 carat gold jewelry.

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GOLDEN RINGS - Langlois jewelry

Most rings have meaning. The best known are wedding rings in the form of rings, a symbol of love and commitment. It's not for nothing that the woman and man's ring is worn directly on the ring finger ... There are different colors of gold. It is possible to choose from these 3 color variants. White gold, with a rhodium finish for the purest white, goes very well with different precious stones such as the sapphire, emerald, ruby and diamond ring. Yellow gold goes very well with diamonds, emeralds, pearls and alexandrites. Rose gold combines beautifully with a lot of natural stone such as morganite, garnet, quartz. The jeweler Paul.A Langlois being manufacturer of gold ring, lets choose your ring color when ordering for the same price. It is possible to design your gold jewelry according to your tastes.


GOLD EARRINGS - Langlois Jewelry

Gold earrings can be found in different styles: fixed, pendants, rings, sleepers. Thanks to the search filters, you can easily find your set. All the fixing rods are in 10 or 14 carat gold to avoid any intolerance. The earrings combine very well with precious stones, Tahitian pearls or laboratory stones. The gem produced in the laboratory has the same chemical composition as natural stone. The only difference is that it is created by humans under artificial conditions. It is characterized in the same way, its advantage is to be cheaper than its natural stone counterpart. The diamond earrings for women are by far the most brilliant and timeless. They highlight the women who wear them. A safe bet for a gift and to capsize the heart of your love.


gold chain - langlois jewelry

To wear alone, with a simple gold pendant, or with a precious stone. The gold chain is an essential that every woman has in her jewelry box. Several types exist with different lengths and sizes of mesh according to the desired weight of gold. Men's gold chains can have fine links as well as thick links up to several millimeters. If your budget is limited and you still want to please or indulge yourself, we recommend the silver, steel, stainless steel men's chain with larger links. It is possible to mix several chain lengths for a more personalized style.


Gold pendants - Langlois jewelry

The wonderful thing is that with the gold pendant you can let your creativity run wild. We can give your pendant any imaginable shape. Do you like the color of precious stones? It is quite possible to have a sapphire, ruby, emerald pendant or a laboratory stone of your choice. There is a variant called family pendant. It is set with several synthetic stones representing the birth months of your loved ones. The family pendant is a symbolic gift to offer for a birthday, a birth or simply to please.


Gold bracelets - Langlois jewelry

One of the easiest pieces of jewelry for a woman is the gold bracelet. Whether flexible, rigid or mesh, it can be worn easily and for any occasion. A thin and discreet bracelet in gold or silver will be perfect for an active woman who wants to stay feminine in the office. Women's bracelets exist with small ornaments which can be religious, spiritual or personalized. The man of today also has his range of gold jewelry to decorate his outfits. It’s a great gift choice to choose a men's gold, silver or steel bracelet. Show your love or just make it happy.


Pearl necklaces - Langlois jewelry

An always fashionable accessory that also stands out as a reference, the pearl necklace for women. It can be worn on special occasions in Quebec or Montreal, for a classy and distinguished style. To wear alone or as a set, the pearl necklace will delight every woman receiving it as a gift. There are different shapes, colors, rounds, Biwa, freshwater etc. One of the best known and most sought after is the Tahitian pearl. The color shade of a Tahitian pearl varies from gray, black with reflections that can be blue, copper, green, orange and more. This is why it is so sought after, because Polynesian pearl necklaces simply have a captivating natural beauty.

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