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Make your engagement request with an ethical diamond ring made in Quebec. It is one of the symbols and the link representing the union of two people. This is why, the choice of this ring requires special attention. Thanks to its diamonds, it represents the unalterable promise of love of two people. It is made in most cases from 14-carat gold for better durability but some will prefer 18-carat gold for its brighter yellow color. Our jewelry store offers you the widest choice of engagement rings in Canada set with precious stones; diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and many other gems. We advise you on this sometimes difficult choice. Declare your love with one of our jewels, it's sure to capsize your heart when the time comes ...


What does an engagement ring mean?

The engagement and in particular the engagement ring is an old “tradition” / “custom” which crossed different times. Tradition has it that her engagement request was made the year before the wedding. The pretender of the future bride must then make her request. To make this visible to everyone, he therefore offers a ring symbolizing union and the promise of marriage forever. This "must" be worn on the left ring finger. In some European countries and everywhere else it is the opposite, it is worn on the right ring finger. So free to you according to your taste and customs. The engagement ring was not always made of gold. We can easily find it today in 14 carat gold, 18 carat gold or platinum.

How to offer an engagement ring?

Some will find it romantic while others will not, the man on his knees asking for his bride’s hand while holding out a wonderful ring. This type of request is no less magical, it must above all correspond to your and your personality. Prepare a nice touching speech to end up presenting her with an engagement ring. This moment is unique and will remain etched in your memories for life. Even if your future spouse does not like it, think of putting a touch of originality, and the most important ... To be yourself because it is sure that this gift will be appreciated and will be the symbol of your commitment to each other.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

There is no correct answer to this question. It generally depends on your expectations. If you like rings with large diamonds, it is possible to find models in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Diamond being the most sought after gemstone, it will significantly increase the price of your engagement ring. It is possible to limit the cost of the diamond by playing on its purity, color, weight ... Find the explanations on the 4c of the diamond in another article. For a less expensive our jewelry store offers you to replace diamonds of natural origin with a diamond created in the laboratory or of the moissanite type.

How to personalize your engagement ring?

Whether in jewelry or on our online jewelry site, we offer to custom your engagement ring. We offer engraving on all of our creations, free of charge. Burn a personalized message inside or outside the bangle. For a ring that looks like 100%, we recommend our custom jewelry manufacturing service to meet all your expectations.

Which stone to choose for an engagement ring?

If we can attribute a gemstone to a promise ring, it is the diamond. Diamonds is eternal as is the love it must represent. We exclusively offer diamonds from ethical sources, such as Canadian diamonds, diamonds from the Kimberley process. Depending on the cut of your diamond, and the work done by master jeweler Langlois to enhance it, we will make you the most beautiful promise rings in Canada since 1953. Find our unique models set with morganites and diamonds, they are all simply beautiful

Promise ring with diamond

It is the most significant symbol of eternal love represented by the diamond. This precious stone is the one that will be chosen in the majority of engagement rings. Diamonds are the favorite gemstone for couples wishing to celebrate their union. It can be arranged in different ways: alone (alone) or accompanied by other stones (halo of diamonds, etc.). Among our hundreds of existing models, we are sure that we will be able to find the ring that will mark this moment for life and for all budgets.

Engagement ring with morganite

Because you love the shine of the diamond and the pastel pink of the morganite. It goes very well with the diamond, delicate and powerful at the same time it is said that it brings happiness and love to the person wearing it. Excellent for stressed or anxious people. Langlois jewelry has specially created a collection of morganite and diamond engagement rings for a remarkable and original feminine touch. Browse our catalog of rings thanks to the navigation filters to find these ethical, lasting jewels and always at the best price.

Engagement ring with sapphire

Sapphire being the second hardest stone after diamond, it is also an excellent choice for a ring of lasting promise. It is said that the sapphire brings wisdom to the person wearing it. Different colors of sapphires exist in their natural state. It is therefore possible to compose your engagement ring with a blue sapphire, the best known, but also white, pink, green. The combination of sapphire with white diamonds will give the most refined result. The most beautiful sapphire engagement rings are in most cases the rings set with a round or oval cut sapphire often surrounded by diamonds. In this way the white diamonds are "accessory" and will serve to emphasize the most important stone, the sapphire. On the contrary, we find other models of engagement rings with a central diamond set with several sapphires of smaller sizes. In case you do not find what you are looking for, we can make the diamond sapphire engagement ring according to your tastes and always at the best price. This is the commitment that we have kept since our creation in 1953.

Where to buy your engagement ring?

There are several ways to buy a simple or original promise rings. We advise you to get closer to a true craftsman jeweler with a minimum of experience as a jeweler. This purchase represents a moment that matters to you, so think twice before trusting your future jeweler.

Buy engagement ring in Quebec, Canada

Visit our jewelry store at 909 Boulevard Pierre-Bertrand suite 210 to discover the most beautiful models of engagement rings with diamonds or precious stones made by hand.

Buy engagement ring in Montreal, Canada

Our jewelry manufactures your engagement rings in its workshop in Quebec. Why not leave Montreal? Come spend a romantic weekend here in Quebec. Have a drink at the Fontenac castle, eat at a restaurant or stroll through one of the most beautiful cities in North America? And why not, discover our jewelry store with a warm atmosphere to find your engagement rings. If we enlarge or shrink your ring, leave with peace of mind! We send your jewelry in total security a few days later in Montreal, directly to your home.

Buy engagement ring on the internet

Nothing could be easier thanks to our online jewelry store, you can browse our models of promise and wedding rings peacefully at home. Before any online purchase, be sure to find out about return and refund policies. Our online jewelry store allows you to choose your engagement rings without stress and we are there at any time to answer any questions in jewelry, email and phone.

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